about us


The Queer Museum Vienna takes the next step in Vienna’s cultural and equality policy: It anchors queer urban history in Vienna and promotes the engagement with contemporary queer art in the city. Furthermore, it is a place of scholarship for queer history as well as a platform for mediation. In addition to adults and tourists, young people and children in particular are to be involved in the educational work.


Vienna is getting a Queer Museum. Because it’s surprising that it doesn’t exist yet. It already takes its name as an established institution: The founding of a museum makes it clear that queer art, culture, research and history as well as current queer issues need this space and are taking it now. As a show case, it pushes open the window into a queer future, futurity. At the same time, it celebrates the common history that has been brought into focus.

A history marked by ostracism, exclusion and persecution, by hiding and shame, by the individual and collective search for identity and the attempt to locate oneself in the social fabric under perspectives such as legalization, equality and pride.

Queer people are always part of society, and so are artists who negotiate their identity outside the heteronormative matrix. A necessary step to write their “her, their and histories” is to gather marginalized narratives and underrepresented artistic positions in one place and make them visible.

We are founding the Queer Museum as a cultural center to create and occupy space for queer art, culture, research, and history. So far, the most common way has been an exclusively “mourning museology” to convey the memory of LGBTIQ+ public figures. However, we want to celebrate a vibrant, diverse, and active queer community. A museum that is engaged in collecting and curating the traces of our contemporary existence. A “queer museology” based on the functions and principles known from ‘queering the museum’ will be put into practice.

  • Research / History
  • Art
  • Education
  • Community Building
  • Virtual space

Contact: queermuseumvienna@gmail.com