Short Film Screenings

Short Film Screenings

Thu, 2.6.2022, 5:00pm and Thu, 9.6.2022, 5:00pm

curated by Thomas Trabitsch

On 2 evenings in June we will show (if possible) in the presence of the LGBTIQ* filmmakers a total of 9 short films that share a cinematographically unique language and are often not accessible to a wider audience. The selection was based on aesthetically and narratively compelling parameters. Subjectivities of sexuality and gender identity are negotiated. At the same time, we open a forum to discuss content together and reflect on the collective experience.

Thursday June 2nd, screening 5 pm, artist talk 6:30 pm

Ashley Hans Scheirl, Ursula Pürrer, Body-Building, 3 min

Julia Fuhr Mann: Riot Not Diet, 17 min

Thomas Hörl, Viktor Jaschke, Peter Kozek: Lichthöhe, 30 min

Marie Luise Lehner: Mein Hosenschlitz ist offen . Wie mein Herz, 28 min

Moderation: Djamila Grandits

Thursday June 9, 5 pm, artist talk 6:30 pm

Katrina Daschner: Pomp, 8 min

Rosa Wiesauer: TRANS*GAZE, 20 min

Sophia Yuet See: Cooking is Like Walking, 7 min

Pêdra Costa: Bad or Red, 6 min

Beyondeep: Black Sex Magic, 8 min

Hanna Schaich, Gina Burner: Gay*Watch Berlin, 13 min

Moderation: Djamila Grandits

On the screen comes, in two blocks, an interweaving of reappropriation of gaze politics through staged self-images and narratively documented life realities that illuminate the development of one’s own identity, cautiously approaching coping strategies for fear and trauma that find artistic articulation, queer folklore in alpine space with neon hoop skirts, a queer feminist porn that shows sometimes more implicitly, sometimes more explicitly, what post-porn and self-determined can mean in this context, collective joy, Brazilian funk and elective affinities, an impressive piece of an eight-part series of performing bodies in elaborate scenography including an artist crew jumping out of a vagina dentata, an early work by this year’s biennial artist, and a BDSM film by two queer black trans people that mixes raw impact with soulful romance.

Films about the very broad spectrum of LGBTIQ* sexualities and identities will be shown. Contents and images that are increasingly present and visible, but still get too little attention. Legal equality, medical hurdles and harassment are dealt with as well as the strategy of breaking through the power of the normative observer from the outside by constituting one’s own view.