PRIDE started with a riot!



  • Spring rituals by WetMeWild

    Spring rituals by WetMeWild

    This year’s program of Queer Museum Vienna at Volkskundemuseum Wien will start off with a show on eco-sexuality, the importance of unpolluted bodies of water as base of all life on this planet, the consideration of natural resources such as water as legal entities which deserve to remain unharmed and in a wider sense: sustainability and its connection to queer resistance against global capitalism and thus the exploitation and destruction of the environment.

  • “Historisiert euch!”

    “Historisiert euch!”

    On site, online and in a brochure, we make the debates and the most important cornerstones of queer activism in Vienna accessible. The exhibition invites all those who want to deepen their knowledge and all those who deal with the topic for the first time.