PRIDE started with a riot!





    The QUEER MUSEUM VIENNA issued its first open call for artistic positions relating to the question “Is Queer Political?”, an inquiry on the societal implications and potential impacts of queer cultural production internationally.

  • Is Queer Political?: Arcadia – Queer Art of Diasporic Subjects

    Is Queer Political?: Arcadia – Queer Art of Diasporic Subjects

    What is shared among the Yugoslav diaspora and the queer diaspora is this idea of a golden era, that is located either in the past or in a possible future; if this utopia has indeed existed in the past, the way we imagined it, we would have never needed to go anywhere. Or what would…


  • Cruising the Painted Landscape

    Cruising the Painted Landscape

    The exhibition “Cruising the Painted Landscape” explores the intersection of queer culture and art by “cruising” our way through the cultural landscape. Created by students from the University of Art and Design Linz under the direction of Dimitrios Mavroudis, the exhibition explores the connection between identity, body image and the reclamation of urban spaces. Visitors…

  • The heART of queer joy

    The heART of queer joy

    The photo exhibition “the heART of queer joy” by INSELMILIEU Reportage captures the feeling of queer joy in all its facets. It is an exploration of what often remains invisible.