QueerMuseumVienna @ Volkskundemuseum Wien

QueerMuseumVienna @ Volkskundemuseum Wien

For the first time ever, the Queer Museum Vienna (QMV) is opening temporary spaces in the Volkskundemuseum Wien. The aim is to provide an outlook on a projected future house for queer cultural history and art in Vienna. Among other things, the question is posed as to how queer artistic works, culture and lifestyles can be represented or discussed in the exhibition context.

Alfred Rottensteiner Boo! Queer Museum Vienna Volkskundemuseum Wien Dodo Kollektiv

For the period between January and August 2022, the QMV has planned a whole series of events that will provide a platform for local and international artists, activists and historians in the fields of visual arts, performing arts, music, history and much more.

We owe this opportunity to the generous support of the Volkskundemuseum Wien and the 8th District of Vienna. The cooperation partner is the Archive QWIEN.

The curators for this period will include: The DODO Project – Büro für Ausstellung, mirabella paidamwoyo dziruni, Christiane Erharter, Susie Flowers, Nazim Unal Yilmaz, Alper Turan, Wilhelm Binder, Christoph Steinberger, Vinko Nino Jaeger, Rumi von Baires, Andreas Brunner, and many more.

The curatorial collective the DODO Project will kick off the festival with


If there is something weird in your neighborhood
Soft Opening: Tue, 11.1.2022, 12.00-17.00 Uhr
Wed, 12.01.2022 – So, 06.02.2022
Location: Queer Museum Vienna @ Volkskundemuseum Wien
Laudongasse 15-19 1080 Wien